See how Hyderabad is planning to curb anti-social elements

Wed, 2018-11-14 11:58 -- SCC India Staff

Hyderabad Police

Hyderabad, know for IT hub of India has taken one step forward to keep the city safe from criminals. Known for many firsts, now the city is working on police robot—Robocop— which make society feel safer, while also removing the danger associated with the job for human police officers.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad Police has been looking for different ways to merge police duties with robots in a convenient and meaningful way. What’s more, the Robocop can move, recognize people, take complaints, detect bombs, and answer to queries. The police robot has built-in cameras, GPS, sensors, and so forth.

At present, it is unclear about the trial period of this police robot. Although, it will patrol the streets of Hyberabad, its prime objective will be collecting valuable data.

Slowly but surely, police robots are becoming more commonplace all over the world. Dubai police officials introduced the first robot police officer in May of 2017. It is a very simple unit which accommodates very basic tasks. However, for Hyberabad, the goal was to take that idea to a new level. That said, there is a good chance units of this size will become a lot more commonplace around the globe, as similar efforts are taking place in Brazil, Poland, Israel, Russia, and so forth.