See how GPS technology can maximize waste management efficiency

Tue, 2018-11-06 16:07 -- SCC India Staff

Waste management

Besides tracking the exact location of vehicles or finding different routes, today’s GPS technology can be extensively used in waste management also. Many countries are using this technology to keep their cities clean and energy efficient. Remote sensing systems are used by many Malaysian companies. This system reduces the driver’s workload and confirms the position of the truck, improving their work efficiency.

The exact location of the garbage containers should be known to waste management companies in order to pick up garbage on time and regularly. The nearest vehicle to a container can be identified with a GPS tracker, which results in maximizing efficiency and minimizing distances. This is cost effective, saves time and certainly increases efficiency. Also, drivers are provided with the fastest routes with easy-to-read maps to reach various garbage disposals. A rigorous training is not required for it.

This technology is also helpful for businesses. Operational costs can be saved by waste management companies by reducing fuel spend as routes can be optimized and excessive driving can be eliminated. One good example is that of Peru. The government agencies of Lima, Peru, a couple of year ago, tagged vultures with GPS and GoPro cameras. The motive was to help the environmental officials to crack down on illegal waste dumping surrounding the Peruvian capital. A proper guideline was also set for the residents of Lima for proper disposing of trash.

India has also realized the need to use GPS to get rid of waste effectively. Black Spot, a mobile application, has been approved by the waste management of Goa. This app makes sure that the data about garbage blackspots are mapped and cleared across the state. On the same road, the Bombay Municipal Corporation has initiated a GPS-based vehicle tracking and monitoring system for solid waste management vehicles on real time basis.

Despite this technology reduces operational costs of waste management companies, the installation of these systems are expensive. Though GPS technology may be the answer to our problems, it does require a lot of data to be collated and analyzed. Only then will this technology will be of use.