See how district cooling system will make Raiya the “coolest” smart city

Thu, 2017-11-16 12:29 -- SCC India Staff

District cooling system

Saurashtra’s commercial capital Rajkot, which was picked up by the United Nations (UN) for its feasibility to implement district cooling system, is all set for a big leap. Its greenfield smart city ‘Raiya’, which was planned under the Centre’s Smart City Mission, will be deploying a district cooling system, which eliminates use of air conditioners and other equipment that emit greenhouse gases. The district cooling system will be implemented in the 930-acres Raiya greenfield smart city.

The recently-published report titled ‘District Energy Initiatives in Cities’ by the UN finds that this unique project has a great potential in cities like Thane, Coimbatore, Pune and Bhopal. That said, once implemented, not a single building in the city will require air conditioning. Chilled water will be distributed in the buildings directly from a pipeline to terminal equipment such as air handling and fan coil units, which will throw cool air even in sizzling summers. District cooling system requires a lot of water. But here, water from stormwater drainages will be treated and used for this considering that Rajkot is a water-scarce city.

The town planning for this smart city will be completed within six months. This will have a central cooling system and no building will require air conditioners. The entire project will cost Rs 1,600 crore and will be implemented on a PPP mode, where an operator will invest and municipal corporation we will also get fees from the system users.