See how CommScope helps a data center's infrastructure need

Thu, 2018-12-13 16:46 -- SCC India Staff

Data Cenre

Hexagon Capability Center India (HCCI), based in Hyderabad, is a subsidiary of Hexagon AB, a Sweden-based information technology (IT) company. The subsidiary's existing data center was showing its age and didn't have enough bandwidth to support demanding applications. Hexagon wanted to add capacity to the data center to incorporate the "internet of things" and increasing bandwidth requirements. The company also planned for a network upgrade that would support cloud computing, data crunching, and advanced networking.

After evaluating the scope of the project, HCCI chose SCCI associate partner, CommScope's SYSTIMAX network infrastructure solution and Inspire & Initiate Technologies, a CommScope PartnerPRO Network provider in Hyderabad, to design and implement HCCI's data center vision. HCCI chose CommScope and Inspire & Initiate Technologies for a professional, well-managed installation and the companies' expertise and exceptional end-to-end service.

CommScope recommended SYSTIMAX structured cabling for the new data center because it integrates copper, fiber, and intelligence seamlessly to form the ultimate network infrastructure solution. This network architecture is suitable for high- density server environments and is optimized for virtualization and consolidation. CommScope also recommended the GigaSPEED X10D® UTP (unshielded twisted pair) solution. This solution supports 10 Gbps data transmission from end to end in a four-connector, 100-meter channel. The high-performance twisted-pair cabling has a unique construction to mitigate alien crosstalk and increase performance. CommScope recommended a top-of-rack design to simplify cable management and provide fast port-to-port switching for servers within the rack. This architecture saves space in a high-density environment and provides the flexibility to move racks without disturbing network infrastructure.

With this advanced solution in place, HCCI is poised to expand its infrastructure to accommodate new applications and emerging technology. SYSTIMAX gives HCCI the flexibility to upgrade from 40G to 100G in the future.

Next-generation infrastructure
To meet transmission requirements, HCCI chose the InstaPATCH® 360 systems from CommScope. InstaPATCH is a factory-terminated and -tested modular fiber connectivity solution that makes it easy to connect system components together. The solution provides the bandwidth and scalability the data center may need when network demands increase.

Installers used CommScope's FiberGuide system to help protect the data center's fiber optics while reducing installation time. The snap-fit construction eliminates the need for tools during installation and allowed M/S Inspire & Initiate Technologies to route the cables through the most efficient path while maintaining the proper fiber bend radius.

CommScope recommended the imVision® automated infrastructure management (AIM) solution to manage the network infrastructure. The imVision solution provides network administrators with real-time visibility and control of the network's physical layer, providing several significant benefits. For example, connection failures and security breaches can be detected and pinpointed immediately, and up-to-date connectivity documentation is maintained automatically.

CommScope and Inspire & Initiate Technologies worked closely with the HCCI data center team, local utilities, and engineers to ensure the project went smoothly. Energy efficiency was critical, so the new Tier 3 data center incorporated precision air conditioning and LED lighting, which helps reduce OpEx. The new data center space is double the size of the old one and is large enough to expand another 50%.

Ready for the future
The project was completed on time and has already resulted in increased reliability and performance. Thanks to CommScope and Inspire & Initiate Technologies, HCCI now has a modern, efficient facility—complete with Tier 3 capabilities—that supports its bandwidth needs and has the headroom to provide even higher data speeds in the future.