See how Coimbatore to benefit from ICT-based smart intervention

Wed, 2017-07-26 12:44 -- SCC India Staff

 Coimbatoure Smart Cities

Coimbatore with a decadal growth rate of around 20% is a rapidly growing city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Known as Manchester of India, the city is undertaking numerous initiatives towards improving basic services and quality of life of citizens.

Some of the initiatives are: 24x7 water supply, advanced leak detection and smart  metering; sewerage and septage;  24x7 electricity and broadband access; seamless mobility, mass transit’, NMT and targeting ‘zero accident fatalities’; extension of ‘Project Shunya’ (decentralized composting) in all zones, including bio-methanation and composting facilities for local waste treatment, creating waste-to-energy plant; sustainable environment initiatives; tagging sanitation assets to property tax database for traceability and sustainable O&M; public safety and transparent ICT-led governance-citizen engagement. 

However, being a city of more than a million populations the above initiatives are significantly challenging in scale and complexity to accomplish. 

The Intervention

With the aim of effective implementation of the initiatives, Coimbatore has decided to adopt ICT- based smart solutions for many of its initiatives. Towards this, an inventory of smart solutions and technology options was prepared keeping in mind the major interventions and priorities for the city. These smart solutions and technology were then suitably assigned to the major interventions for the city. 

The smart solutions include: technology solutions for improvement of water supply, SWM, sanitation, etc.; intelligent transport system (ITS); online ambient air quality monitoring; energy efficient street lighting;  GIS mapping and spatial Information Centre; integrated CCTV surveillance; web-enabled e-governance application and  mobile-governance and citizen engagement platform.

The emerging benefits of Coimbatore’s approach to adopt ICT- based smart solutions shall be realized in the following areas:

  • Water supply – SCADA, ‘smart metering’, advanced leak detection, online quality monitoring
  • Solid Waste Management – RFID tracking of vehicles, bio-methanation, waste-to-energy, decentralized waste processing
  • Traffic Management System – covering dynamic signal synchronisation, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, license plate recognition camera, red light violation detection system and radar based speeding detectors built on the surveillance camera network
  • Air quality – monitoring equipment at select locations to capture information on critical air quality parameters 
  • Street lighting – energy efficient LED street lighting in all roads and public locations
  • Surveillance – surveillance network consisting of PTZ cameras, fixed box cameras, mobile transport cameras, at different locations, to capture high-resolution real-time images with facilities for wireless and wire connectivity download
  • Scalable Data Centres, as part of Command and Control Centre, with an application portfolio covering Video Management System, Recording System, Analytics System, GIS and customized dashboards for Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and various line departments including police/ Traffic Police
  • Seamless IT connectivity built on wireless and fiber backbone to relay information from Smart Solution related equipment to Data centres
  • Universal access to essential services for Citizen through web/ mobile platform Impacts

In medium to long run, smart solution based approach is likely to improve governance, administration, monitoring of civic services thereby ensuring good  quality service delivery to citizens.