See how cities tackling traffic issues with advanced technologies

Wed, 2018-12-26 16:03 -- SCC India Staff

Traffic in India

India’s biggest cities are subjected to traffic congestion every day, and the commuters are bearing the burden. Transport demand in India has increased by almost eight times since the 1980s as rapid economic development and increasing wealth among households has led to higher vehicle ownership.

In fact, this is higher than anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region! Partly attributable to India’s large population and high population density, as well as additional traffic cause due to expanding the metro network in many cities, the reliance on cars is slowly but surely increasing, adding more pressure to road networks.

Bengaluru itself is constantly ranked in the top 3 cities in India with traffic problems, especially during peak hours. Keeping this in mind, Smart Urbanation’s session on ‘Tackling Traffic Tantrums’ will be the optimal stage to discuss the issues of traffic in India, and to find innovative, smart solutions for the same.

SmartUrbanation is organised by Smart Cities Council India, part of the global consortium of smart cities at Hotel Shangri-La Bengaluru from February 13-14, 2019 to commemorate three years of the initiation of Smart Cities Mission.

Tackling Traffic
To begin with, the Government of Karnataka has shown leadership in finally addressing the most basic mobility infrastructure - the city road. Project Tender S.U.R.E. (Specifications for Urban Road Execution) is about getting the urban road right. The project has been championed in the belief that Tender SURE provides tremendous advantages not just of better roads, but that it is just plain good financial sense to spend more and spend right, rather than spend even more by spending wrong many times.

The very design of Tender SURE prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians, cyclists apart from recognising the needs of hawkers and street vendors. This apart, Tender SURE also combines the street landscape and hardscape aesthetics with practical considerations of user behavioural change. Roads developed under Tender SURE will neither develop any potholes nor fall prey to tree cutting as the roads are well organised to bring utility ducts on either side of the roads.

Amritsar is dealing its illegal car parking menace and traffic congestion with the help of LoRaWAN. The city has selected six sites where they installed LoRaWAN enabled Smart Parking Sensors. The technology has given a highly competent tool to the enforcement agencies that, if used properly, can completely curb the menace of illegal car parking and reduce traffic congestion in future smart cities along with an increase in revenues.

In case of Vizag, the Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) will introduce smart parking application soon. The app will be in sync with low-cost sensors and real-time data that will allow users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots on the prime junctions in the city. Meanwhile, Pune through their state-of-the-art command and control centre, and revolutionary traffic management system, aims to integrate parameters of the Municipal Corporation, Police Department, Fire Department and other utility departments under one centralized control. Through this system, the city will be in a position to provide to its citizen a faster response time for emergencies, provide real-time traffic and weather data on variable message displays, and manage the public transportation system with the highest level of efficiency.