See how cities are using IoT in innovative ways

Fri, 2018-11-02 15:52 -- SCC India Staff

Smart City

India is said to be data rich in the coming years as nearly 250,000 villages are expected to be connected with Wi-Fi. Not only this, but, data will also create domestic and overseas services that will boost the country’s economy. What’s more, Jobs are expected to be lined with cloud sourcing, due to cheaper data plans and mobile penetration. A fast and well-connected network throughout the country is required, which will bring things into perspective for the infrastructure providers.

That said, in the near future, data is said to be the major factor that will drive the Indian economy by creating experiences that will surpass products and services. This shift will result in the inception of smart cities and a smart economy.

It is the connectivity of data that brings together the service and entities in a city under one roof through Internet of Things (IoT). In order to create and implement utility services such as mobility, buildings, water supply, power, etc., many companies are using IoT in innovative ways.

For example, Rajasthan Sampark, an e-governance platform, to provide transparent and accountable grievance redressal services, has been established by Aruba along with the Government of Rajasthan.

Using LoRaWAN, a protocol for low-powered devices to communicate with internet platforms, many services in the existing cities and smart cities can be improved. One such example is in Maharashtra, where SenRa (a LoRaWAN) network operator for IoT has deployed 50 water meters in during last Diwali. This showed a three-time increase in water consumption during the holidays. This way, the water management board could meet the demand and observe the area in which there was an increase in demand and how it fluctuated. Besides, SenRa is working on river water management, offshore communication, traffic decongestion, waste management and driving revenues by monitoring public parking using sensors.

WinAMR, a smart electrical metering solutions provider, is working with the Government of Telangana by monitoring power consumption remotely. At present, WinAMR has deployed 5,000 smart meters in operation in the state.

Reliance arm for IoT services – Unlimit – envisions connecting cars and exclusive curated content streaming services in those cars when technologies like 5G rolls out and mobile penetration multifold.