See How Bhubaneswar To Manage Citizen-centric Service

Thu, 2018-07-12 15:41 -- SCC India Staff


Recently Odisha witnessed a slew of smart city projects including Bhubaneswar Operations Centre (BOC) - a state-of-the-art centralised command and control centre that will regulate all citizen-centric services in the capital.

The first of its kind centralised command and control centre BOC will monitor, operate and control the existing services such traffic signals, grievance management, city transport, solid waste vehicle tracking system, street light management, city enforcement management and water tanker management system.

According to the government in the coming days more services will be integrated with BOC and the centre will also be able to monitor water-logging menace and provide real-time decision support to deal with the situation.

The modern centre set up with an investment of Rs 75crore, the biggest among all cities across India, will have a 24X7 surveillance mechanism in place. The state-of-art centre includes a massive video wall of more than 100-foot length (with 16 x 2 configuration of 70 inch panels) and shall be used to monitor traffic, the large volume of close circuit television (CCTV) footage, highly sophisticated sensor data and emergency services, etc.

It will provide a digital platform for integrating multiple city sub-systems of parking, public transport, and common payment card along with effective emergency response management for any incident in the city.