See how Bhopal is progressing in its smart city mission

Tue, 2018-04-10 11:39 -- SCC India Staff
Public bike charging bhopal
Bhopal has already started working on most of the projects that were conceived under the smart city proposal, whether it is area-based development (ABD) or pan city development. We may be the first city in the country where the state government has allotted 342 acre of the proposed Central Business District (CBD) land to the smart city special purpose vehicle (SPV). Due to this, presently, Bhopal Smart City may be the richest in terms of valuation. 
One of the key projects is the smart pole and intelligent street lighting project. Through this project, the SPV has attracted an investment of Rs 6.90 billion. Says Chandramauli Shukla, CEO, Bhopal Smart City “Our ambitious public bike sharing project has become the benchmark for other cities to follow. As we speak, more than 38,000 users have been registered and are using this scheme on a day-to-day basis.”
That said, Bhopal has implemented an integrated command and control centre (ICCC) which not only integrates services in the city on a single platform but also of the seven cities selected under Smart Cities Mission. This is the first cloud-based ICCC that will be coming up. The city is also working on incubation and innovation centre, which will commence in May 2018. Overall, Bhopal is progressing well as far as smart city project implementation is concerned. 
In total, the city SPC has identified more than 64 projects of which more than 22 have been completed so far and around 18–19 are underway for pan city. For ABD, since the government has allotted the necessary land, the SPV is now in the process of commencing work on infrastructure-led projects. 
“We have completed the detailed project report (DPR) and are in the process of awarding them soon. Among these, a sizeable number of projects have been taken up on public–private partnership (PPP) basis. With 342 acre of land under ABD, our smart city offers huge opportunities for stakeholders, including construction, infrastructure, technology and water,” Shukla said.