See how AI cameras from Brazil will make Indian cities safer

Thu, 2018-02-01 09:46 -- SCC India Staff

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The quality of regular CCTV cameras may be excellent, but it is more of a reactive measure. Beginning next month, Polsec, a Brazilian security firm, will test AI-based cameras, on the streets of Mumbai, Delhi and Agra. The initial installation will contain 100 units of the ‘Smart Eyes’ cameras, with more units added once all necessary features are updated. Smart Eyes can detect illegal parking, unusual movements and traffic violations.

“The camera, after a few times, will learn how many people cross a particular street every day at a certain hour. If the number suddenly triples, the camera will detect this unusual behaviour and report it. The fully-rotatable camera sends alerts to drivers who park in no-parking zones. If there is no action, the nearest traffic police gets a notification. The whole process takes seconds,” Renato Werner, Chief Executive of Polsec, said

According to Werner, more features will be added, after studying the behaviour seen on the streets. Currently, the state governments are interested in garbage debris, parking issues, and vehicle behaviour.