This remote village in Haryana creates dry drainage system to save water

Thu, 2017-08-17 14:35 -- SCC India Staff

waste water

In India, water scarcity is a known subject. But there are a very few examples when it comes to tackling the same. We all know that water from waste sources like kitchen, bathroom, etc. goes straight to the drainage areas and gets submerged to either a river or coastal water, further polluting it. However, a village in Haryana has set an example by creating dry drainage where used water from bathrooms and kitchens goes straight to a covered pit.

This water management system, which has been implemented in Basada village of Panipat, has caught the attention of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. The Ministry has planned a visit with its delegation to study the area. The entire cost of the drainage system is covered under MNREGA, which costs a mere Rs 5,000.

The dry pit system can only work on soil that can soak water. In a way, this enhances the groundwater level of the village. In fact, these dry pits also help the village to tackle mosquitoes or flies as the water gets soaked in these dry pits with no sign of water that will breed mosquitoes.