Ranchi to get two Smart Centers!

Fri, 2020-01-10 12:51 -- SCC India Staff


Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi is soon to have two stretches of smart centers, which will have smart features like integrated traffic management system, better CCTV surveillance and variable message signboards. The project will be made operational by Kolkata-based Honeywell Automation India with the command control and communication center (C4), which is a Rs 164-crore pan-city component of the Ranchi smart city project), confirmed Shashi Ranjan, Director of State Urban Development Authority (SUDA) and CEO, Ranchi Smart City Corporation.

The two Smart Center zones are 8.85 km stretch between Birsa Chowk and Raj Bhavan via Main Road, and the 2.55 km long Birsa Chowk-Airport stretch (Hinoo Chowk). The Birsa Chowk to Raj Bhavan stretch of smart road is being constructed by Chhattisgarh-based Amar Infrastructure at a cost of Rs 162.7 crore while the Birsa Chowk-Airport stretch, costing Rs 42.52 crore, is being constructed by Ranchi-based Mini Axle.

As per Ranjan, the integrated traffic management will enable smooth and seamless detection of traffic signals and speed violations along with adaptive traffic control (based on traffic density and including streetlights that adjust according to natural light), better CCTV surveillance, public announcement system for emergencies, along with variable message signboards informing of traffic snarls and other important information, environment monitoring system (real-time data on air quality and weather), smart parking system and tow-away zones.