Ranchi Bada Talab to get a facelift (to incorporate smart tech)

Fri, 2019-06-07 12:03 -- SCC India Staff


The Ranchi Lake, commonly known as Bada Talab, is set for a face-lift with the city civic body drafting a multi-crore plan to conserve and beautify the British-era water body. The ongoing beautification work at Ranchi’s iconic Bada Talab, under the watch of a giant 33-feet statue of Swami Vivekanand, is set to incorporate some new elements, including an open-air theatre, a yoga centre and the use of nature-friendly technology to treat wastewater that would ultimately find its way into the lake.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) CEO Manoj Kumar said that one of the key elements of the renovation would be the use of “phytorid technology” about which private firms had made presentations. Urban development secretary Ajoy Kumar is interested and has sought a detailed project report.

“Phytorid is a new technology that proved useful in treating waste water in big cities. If everything falls into place we can have a waste treatment plant using this technology by early 2019. We are waiting for financial bids that will indicate the costing,” Manoj Kumar said.

Phytorid technology, RMC sources explained, was based on natural water purification processes. It uses plants, stones and pebbles. It does not need electricity or chemicals. Neither does it need heavy-duty maintenance to purify water.

The process involves sedimentation and filtration, besides the use of biological, physical and chemical action of plants on waste water. The processed water is collected into a tank after it passes through various layers. The plant will be installed near the drains opening into Bada Talab where floating fountains would also be installed for oxygen circulation necessary for aquatic species.