Rajasthan to build India’s first greenfield data-centre

Thu, 2016-12-29 12:43 -- SCC India Staff

Rajasthan SDC

The Government of Rajasthan has recognised the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) for rapid and all-round development in general, and transformation of the state in particular. Its mission was to make all government services accessible to citizens through common service delivery outlets. Rajasthan also wanted to ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at an affordable cost to meet the basic needs of its citizens.

Therefore, the government is all set to establish a greenfield data-centre, touted to be India’s first, in Jaipur. The state has already issued a request for qualification and the last date for submission is on January 13th, 2017. The total envisaged cost of the project is Rs 200 crore. 

The successful bidder is required to design, construct, commission and establish a data-centre as per the specifications and the specified scope of work mentioned in the RFP. The IT infrastructure components — servers, databases, storage mechanism, software and other IT components — required at the data-centre would be purchased separately by the tendering authority.

Council members can look for opportunities in physical infrastructure components such as UPS, isolation transformers and air-conditioning units, fire detection & control systems, diesel generator units, lighting systems, power units, CCTV surveillance systems and cabling. 

That apart, the Bhamashah State Data Centre (BSDC) will accommodate approximately 600 racks in the server farm area. Accordingly, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and BMS infrastructure (among others) would be required to establish the BSDC. 

BSDC was conceptualised with the objective of providing a common enabling infrastructure to Rajasthan for catering to e-governance application hosting requirements of the entire state government and its departments. And since then, the state data centre has been identified as one of the core infrastructure components to consolidate the services, applications and infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services. 

The data-centre will enable various state departments to host their services and applications on a common platform, leading to ease of integration and efficient management, ensuring that computing resources and the support connectivity infrastructure is adequately and optimally used.