Raipur to get command and control centre (invites bids for PMC)

Wed, 2016-10-26 10:01 -- SCC India Staff

Raipur Smart City

As part of its Smart City proposal, the Raipur Smart City Ltd (RSCL), a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has proposed to implement several smart solutions projects through the More Raipur City Operations and Control System (MRCOS). In this regard, the SPV has called for request for proposal (RFP) for appointment of a Programme Management Consultant (PMC). The last date of submission is October 31

This centre will provide a digital platform for integrating multiple city subsystems of traffic management, parking, bus/para-transit operations, common payment card (More Card), emergency response and city incident management, along with seamless integration of Raipur City utility operations requirements.

The objective of the PMC is to provide direct assistance to the SPV to design, develop, supervise and monitor the implementation of the smart solutions projects in Raipur.

Meanwhile, the city will have various gateways connecting the Command & Control Centre to various sources of data in the city (e.g., traffic and public safety), a visual interface between City Operation Centres and its operators, and bidirectional communication and interaction with citizens.

Finally, analytic computational capabilities will enable customisation of solutions. In terms of usability, the Command & Control Centre will provide an enhanced visual user interface that can be customised based on the role of the operator.

In addition, the consultant will prepare relevant modules to integrate with the city Wi-Fi project undertaken under other state-level schemes. Also, there will be a review of existing or proposed infrastructure like the city bus intelligent transport system etc., and other related infrastructure as defined in the Smart City plan.

Some of the elements under smart solutions:

  • Traffic management (traffic signaling/traffic network flow monitoring/traffic video surveillance and incidence management/video analytics supported traffic violations);
  • Smart parking (electronic parking system for on-street parking/publically owned parking);
  • Transit operations (city-wide automatic vehicle locator (AVL) for tracking of public/private transport)/Transit operation (crew and bus scheduling/passenger information system on-board at bus shelters/public or private places);
  • Emergency response/city incidence management system (emergency response intake through inward request/computer-aided dispatch/first responder tracker and coordination/incident escalation and management/multi-agency collaboration for emergencies and planned events/extreme weather disaster response);
  • Developing and implementing city-wide ICT based smart solutions including networking, security, disaster recovery and technology integration
  • Consulting or monitoring of SCADA systems for electricity or water management, etc.;
  • Designing a city-wide IT based integration system like integration platform for municipal services (property tax, birth/death registrations/utility bill payments/city portal or app and other services).