Punjab gets hi-tech electroplating plant to curb water pollution

Mon, 2016-09-26 11:10 -- SCC India Staff


Getting rid of industrial water pollution in India tops the priority chart of every city administration. However, not all states have tasted success in their initiatives, so far. In a recent workshop conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development, it was conveyed to all the participant states that they must implement state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure to tackle the issue of industrial water pollution.

In this regard, the Punjab government has adopted an electroplating process based on a latest technology called a “new-generation tricotect instrument”, under which a facility consumes fewer chemicals and doesn’t release wastewater like traditional electroplating plants. In fact, this water pollution-curbing technology is a first of its kind in north India. There is no discharge of chemical-infused water from it, and the plant requires cleaning only after a gap of two years. This means there will be less water pollution when compared with normal plants.

The technology removes iron and zinc from industrial wastewater. The processes can save use of chemicals and metals such as chromium and nickel, traditionally used in electroplating, thereby also lowering the impact on the environment.