Pune Smart City completes project worth Rs 48 bn (to issue 40 tenders in January)

Wed, 2018-12-12 15:25 -- SCC India Staff

Pune-Smart City

The Pune Smart City, in a bid to stay ahead of all cities has already chalked out plans for the New Year. The city, which has completed projects worth Rs 48 billion, will issue 40 tenders by January 30, 2019.

Speaking with Smart Cities Council India, Dr Rajendra Jagtap, Chief Executive Officer, Pune Smart City Development Corporation said, “Pune is using ABD (Area-Based Development) and the retrofitting model for ‘new urban infrastructure’. However, when it comes to IT projects, we are focusing on PAN City Development.”

The city aims to use an ‘integrated approach to provide solutions’. This means, through their state-of-the-art command and control centre, and revolutionary traffic management system, Pune aims to integrate parameters of the Municipal Corporation, Police Department, Fire Department and other utility departments under one centralized control.

Through this system, says Jagtap, “the city will be in a position to provide to its citizen a faster response time for emergencies, provide real-time traffic and weather data on variable message displays, and manage the public transportation system with the highest level of efficiency.” The city has already deployed, and is currently monitoring 136 emergency call boxes, made possible through systems integration. The city will use the data collected to be more proactive in the future.

For Pune Smart City, improving city services through data analysis is a big priority. Using data, gathered from the CCTV surveillance, and traffic patterns, etc., the city hopes to deduce important information so as to help with junction redesigning, carry limit for streets, areas that require parking spaces, trees and more open spaces, and even urban street art.

Currently, Pune is leading other smart cities in India in term of project completion. They have already made available 5,000 bicycles for public use throughout the city, operated by smart technology, and are continually adding to this number. In the future, Pune is looking at e-rickshaws as a viable mode of transportation. Furthermore, as Pune is focusing on making their city smart, they have conducted a successful pilot project to convert 1.5 km of road into a smart road, and are in the process of converting 80 km of streets across the city into smart roads.

Says Manojit Bose, Chief Knowledge Officer, Pune Smart City Development Corporation, “Pune Smart City is also ensuring the constant promotion and adaptation of new technology, and is in the process of procuring 500 e-buses, 150 of which will be on the roads by January 26, 2019.”

The Pune Smart City is also using optic fiber ducts to establish high speed internet connectivity. An e-corridor is being set up in order to create Wi-Fi & connectivity throughout the city, accessible through smart phones, as well as 500 new smart toilets and smart poles will be constructed around Pune.

In order to cater to the citizens needs, and create more open spaces in the city, Pune Smart City will retrofit areas by tailoring their function to the public needs. For example, a multipurpose sports ground may be created in an area with many children, open reading spaces near colleges, and eating spaces near the cities numerous IT parks. The city is also in the process of trying to convert all their street lights to LED powered, using the PPP model to raise finance for the project.

Future plans

Pune Smart City will develop a ‘smart card’ to give Pune citizens access to all the smart amenities being built in the city including toilets, maps, poles, etc. The ‘Pune Idea Factory Foundation’ being launched by Pune Smart City will be a mentorship and ‘hand holding’ organization for the cities smart projects. Citizens will have the opportunity to pitch their smart solutions and invest in the cities future. Under this model, 19 incubation centers have already been set up throughout the city.