Puducherry smart city goes cashless

Fri, 2018-10-26 15:55 -- SCC India Staff


A private bank, launched a co-branded prepaid card for the citizens of Puduchchery Smart City in partnership with Puducherry Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). The pre paid card is a RUPAY card. The programme aims to bolster Digital Payments ecosystem in Puduchchery and aid the Digital India initiatives of Government of India.

As a part of this project, YES BANK has digitized payments for Government to Citizen (G2C) services as well as for retail payments. The solution allows citizens as well as tourists traveling to Puduchchery to make instant payments via an open loop prepaid card, specially designed for their payment needs. Users of the card can now make day-to-day payments at PTDC authorized outlets, like Le Café at Puducherry Beach, Sea Gulls Bar and Restaurants, Transactions at Chunnambar Boat House, ticket purchases at historical sites etc. in addition to payments for PTDC Tourist cabs, Prepaid Taxi services at Puducherry airport, online booking of tickets among other services.

By way of RUPAY PREPAID card, Puducherry tourism will achieve 100% cashless transaction. It is possible only with committed partners, for which we selected YES BANK who all along work for Puducherry Tourism and Puducherry Smart City Project. PONDICHERRY – a French corner of India will be the first in INDIA to introduce RUPAY CARD in the Tourism Industry.

In order to make the city truly cashless, YES BANK is also launching a unique mobile app for retail merchants that allows for payments to be made by the way of the registered mobile number of the resident, such that the merchants can now initiate a transaction for the card user through his mobile app and the transaction gets processed by the way of an OTP sent to the card user on his registered mobile number. This app will be made available for Android users through the app store once the cards are made available at the retail & government facilities.