Puducherry: Empowering Citizens Digitally

Fri, 2018-12-21 15:33 -- SCC India Staff


Puducherry is in the process of evolving from E-Governance to Digital Governance and building digital capacities. In line with the flagship Digital India programme of Government of India, the Government of Puducherry has introduced and implemented various digital schemes to provide better Government to Citizen (G2C) and Government to Business (G2B) services to the citizens. The major digital innovations introduced in Puducherry are eHRMS related to personnel management, eOffice project, Soil Health Card Scheme, services related to land record, dematerialisation of land record and registration, property tax, college management, online admission, online old age, and disability pension, etc.

IT plays an important role in the implementation of various projects under the Mission. Puducherry Smart City Development Limited (PSCDL) has signed a contractual agreement with Nippon Koei India Ltd for implementing the Smart City Project. It would be responsible for preparation of detailed design, project estimate and implementation of projects over three years. The Union Government has approved Puducherry Smart City proposal in June last year. The total cost of all project under Puducherry Smart City proposal is Rs 1,828 crores. The Smart City proposal includes area-based development projects at Rs 1,663.69 crores and pan-city projects at Rs 94.19 crores. The infrastructure projects include laying of the dedicated underground corridor for cables, augment sustainable water source, the introduction of smart metering for water and electricity, establishing a plant to generate energy from water, construct 1,750 housing units and redevelop swadeshi mill complex.

The plans also involve developing a city app for the municipality to extend various services and establishing an Integrated Command Control Centre, as well as to transform all the Government Department agencies in Puducherry to provide online services with secure online payment system through debit, credit cards or Aaadhar-enabled payment system.

In order to boost tourism as well, the Tourism Department has launched tourist kiosks at promenade beach and launched a prepaid cashless Rupay card. The tourism promotion initiatives included in the Smart City project are the rejuvenation of Grand Canal, setting up of urban entertainment village at the old port, construction of art and culture complex at the old distillery, upgrading Gouber market and extension of beach promenade. The projects on providing urban mobility include establishing a dedicated corridor feeder system, smart integrated bus terminal, and multi level parking at old jail complex, electronic cycle track and cycle sharing system besides making J N Street pedestrian friendly.

Puducherry wants to evolve from e-Governance to Digital Governance, build digital capacities, and achieve the digital dividend for each and every citizen through digital literacy accessibility for all, and their Smart Cities project is bringing them one step closer to their goals.