Puducherry to develop robust Blockchain-based identity management system to combat fraudulent activities

Mon, 2019-03-18 12:16 -- SCC India Staff


The project aims to develop a identity management system using Blockchain and Aadhaar as a backbone for a secure platform and improve public service delivery in Puducherry.

The project will be undertaken in two phases as follows:

  • In phase-I, the project will focus on building the identity management system
  • In phase-II, the project will focus on improving service delivery and reducing Government to Consumer (G2C) transaction costs by leveraging the Blockchain-based identity management system


  • To provide tamper-proof, immutable, and auditable integrated civic identity management.
  • To on-board consensus mechanism on a secure platform for agreements, approvals, and transaction worklets
  • To improve service delivery and effectiveness of targeted benefits
  • To obviate single point of failure by not having data stored in one single place in neither digital nor physical format
  • To bring about quick arbitration by introducing provenance and traceability
  • To ease the complexities involved for citizen as well as the organization that consumes information for providing certain benefits to the citizen
  • To introduce gazetted officers on the system to attest and confirm the authenticity of certificates
  • To allow citizens to redact data as per their convenience before presenting to the third party
  • To allow real-time generation of certificates
  • To cut the cost incurred in the issuance of certificates
  • To digitize the process of registration of births, deaths, and marriages
  • To minimize transaction costs is property tax, building permits, etc.
  • To give conclusive land titles and minimize transaction costs in property transfers


  • The project addresses following outstanding issues related to high volume of certificates issued by the Government of Puducherry:
  • Lack of robust identity management system for effective management of service delivery Repetitive tasks of the renewal of annually issued certificates by some consuming agencies/institutions
  • High transaction costs and poor human resource utilization due to administrative inefficiencies in identity management
  • Slow process due to disconnected sources of multiple documents
  • Large cash flows and expenses associated with the certification process
  • Potential misuse, tampering and loss of identity documents stored in papers or files

The project will ensure data security and avoid unauthorized data sharing by Blockchain cryptography and smart contract mechanism. The solution will map all in-scope personal attributes to a unique Aadhaar number in a secure and trusted way. The automatized, faceless and paperless system would reduce overall carbon footprint of the identity management process. The digital product would be accessible anytime from anywhere by any citizen of Puducherry to request an identity certificate.

The project uses smart algorithm to combat fraudulent activity and incorporate complexities in identity management. The project is scalable both horizontally and vertically and to the other states and cities. The project will integrate various services such as death and birth registration system, ration management system, electricity connection system, etc.