Prefab mobile homes to tackle slum problem in Belagavi

Mon, 2017-02-27 14:08 -- SCC India Staff

prefab houses

The life in Indian slums has not been hidden. Tackling civic issues such as drainage, health, open defecation, water management, etc. for civic authorities have always been a daunting task. However, with the advent of smart cities, things are changing. For instance, in Belagavi, the Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) has decided to uplift the living standards of a slum area at Sagar Nagar. Importantly, the entire area is likely to become free from open defecation.

BCC, in association with an NGO named Selco Foundation, will launch a mobile residence that will change the lifestyle of residence in in Sagar Nagar slum. The prefabricated mobile houses will provide a hygienic living conditions and environment with a cost of Rs 1.25 lakh. These houses will be rented to slum dwellers at a nominal cost.

Each house will be of 12 x 15 sq ft size and can be assembled and dismantled anytime. The structure will be made up of steel and will be both anti-rust and heat resistant. While a couple of fibre glass sections on the roof will facilitate sunlight inside the mobile houses during daytime, solar power will light up the house after twilight. Each house will have a small kitchen and a hall which can double up as a bedroom.

Meanwhile, to avoid relocation of slum dwellers, these houses will be constructed in mere three days. Flooring of the house has been kept one foot above the ground level to keep overflowing rainwater at bay. The mobile residence is designed and funded by Selco Foundation.

A special shed has been constructed to charge the electric lanterns that were distributed to the slum dwellers recently. During daytime, the residents hand over the electric lanterns to the power station in the shed. After charging, the lanterns are returned to them. Once charged, the electric lanterns can glow up to eight hours.