Patna roads to get a facelift!

Fri, 2019-08-30 10:51 -- SCC India Staff

Patna roads

Roads in Patna are set to get a cleaner look with the Patna Smart City Limited (PSCL) planning to bury the mess of dangling criss-cross cables of electricity, telephone and broadband among other wires. Altogether 30 roads in the city will be redesigned to ensure better mobility, utility and livability under smart road network project. In addition, all approach roads to the Ganga Ghats will also be developed under the smart road network project.

The smart roads would have a common underground utility ducts for drains and electrical wiring, optical fibre cables, broadband, sewerage, water pipelines and also gas pipelines. The Patna divisional commissioner and chairman of PSCL, Anand Kishor, said there will be no comprise with the width of the roads under the smart project.

The pilot project has already commenced on three roads, namely the 860-m stretch of Budh Marg, 650 m Vidyapati Marg and 620 m Sinha Library road. Under this project around 20-km roads will be developed as smart roads including Ashok Rajpath, Amarnath Path, SP Verma road, Frazer road, Jamal road, exhibition road, Gandhi Maidan, Dak Bunglow road and Bandar Bagicha among other roads.

The estimated cost of the project is around Rs 302 crore and the work will be complete by 2021. However, the PSCL has asked the private company selected to execute the project to complete the redevelopment of approach roads to Ganga ghats before the Chhath festival.

Under this project, the sections for footpath, cycle lanes and greenery, varies as per the width of roads from 8 m to 30 m. The existing trees will not be felled and designs will be made accommodating them in the plan.