Oulgaret invites public for week long discussion on Smart City plan

Fri, 2015-09-18 16:39 -- SCC India Staff

Oulgaret Muncipality

Oulgaret Municipality has thorwn an open invitation to the local people to participate in a week long discussion-cum-consultation programme starting next Monday till 28 September, 2015 in order to draw a detailed plan for the Smart City proposal.

Oulgaret is one of the 98 cities selected at the endo f the first round under the government '100 Smart Cities' initiative. The Centre will now be pruning the list to top 20 in the next round based on the proposed city-wise plan for developement.

Once selected into the top 20, the cities (municipalities) are likely to get funding up to Rs 1,000 crore in the next five years, Rs 200 crore per year (with equal contribution from the Centre and State governments).

Hence, the selected city has to prepare a city-level Smart City Plan which will be evaluated in the second stage of competition.
A news report by the Hindu quoted Oulgaret Municipality Commissioner, MS Ramesh as saying, “We have to prepare Smart City Plan expeditiously to obtain the fund of Union government and submit the action plan on how we are going to execute the scheme. The municipality has been working on expeditiously to Oulagaret Municipality to be chosen in first list of 20 cities."

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