Offering world-lass innovation ecosystem through innovation hub

Fri, 2018-07-20 12:43 -- SCC India Staff

innovation hub

Belagavi is a prominent centre for manufacturing heavy machine tools and high-pressure oil hydraulics systems. The city is a strong industrial hub for machine shops catering to automotive manufacturing, especially crankshaft machining castings and helmets. Belgaum is also the Foundry Hub of Karnataka with more than 200 foundries producing automotive and ferrous-based industrial castings and supporting ancillaries like CNC.

Recently, the Government of Karnataka inaugurated the K-Tech Innovation Hub (K-TI Hubs) in Belagavi. The new K-Tech Innovation Hub brings the world-class innovation ecosystem to Belgaum. The K-Tech Innovation Hub provides space and infrastructure, instrumentation, prototyping facilities, business setup support, and the world class innovation network and connections under one roof. Unlike an IT Park that offers an empty building, the K-Tech Innovation hub leverages the globally connected ecosystem, and brings infrastructure similar to the MIT Fab Lab to Belagavi. The K-Tech Innovation Hub is a ‘Product Startup Incubator-cum Common Instrumentation Facility’ located in an 8,000 sq ft building. The Government intends to establish five such K-TI Hubs across the State.

The State Government, through the Department of IT/BT and ST, has appointed IKP Knowledge Park, a ‘Science Park and Technology Business Incubator’, which has prior experience in establishing and operating Incubation Centers and Common Instrumentation Facilities as Programme Manager. These new centers will operate in a networked mode and will be linked to IKP’s Hardware Product Incubator, IKP-EDEN in Bangalore. IKP is the largest science park and incubation center.

The Government is hopeful that the establishment of the 5 K-TI Hubs across the State will go a long way in reaching the grand goal of encouraging 6,000 product based startups in the State as envisaged in the Startup Policy 2025.