Odisha gets smart grid (with just one control centre)

Thu, 2016-08-25 11:34 -- SCC India Staff

Puri Smart Grid

The Central Electricity Supply Utility of Orissa (CESU) was looking for automating the complete electrical infrastructure in Puri. CESU serves 40,000 consumers, with a network of 10 substations of HV/MV distributions, 400 numbers of distribution transformers and 350 numbers of ring main units.

Council’s lead partner, Schneider, supported CESU in automating all these equipment. All constituent units communicated on fibre optic network with the Central Command Centre. With the implementation of this kind of solution, the discom could achieve its objectives quite effectively. Apart from Centralised Control and Intelligence, the discom also had better SAIDI & SAIFI (Power Quality Indices).

Through its smart grid solution, Schneider provided Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and Distribution Management System (DMS) that helped the utility to manage the field equipment more efficiently, along with reducing the technical losses.

Its Outage Management Software (OMS) software along with SCADA DMS solution, helped in detecting the outages for the HT, i.e., 33KV & 11 KV as well as LT i.e., 415 V through integration of the different smart grid systems. This was followed by planned and unplanned outage management, work order management, and crew management through Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system.

Interestingly, for smooth flow of day-to-day action, the city’s smart grid was integrated with a Geographical Information System (GIS) for updating the field data automatically in the SCADA DMS & OMS system.

Since most of the network in Puri town is overhead, the same was automated by using the intelligent Auto-reclosure and Sectionaliser with FRTU (Field RTU) and fault passage indicator. These equipment send the signal to the control centre and can be controlled from the control centre, itself.

There was a fault in the overhead network, correcting which would have been a herculean task. This trouble was solved easily by FPI, by correctly indicating the faulty section in the control centre.

Benefits to CESU
Unlike other smart grid projects, Puri has only one control centre for managing high voltage as well as low voltage network. In addition, even outages for the HT as well as LT were managed through only one control centre. All activities related to the HT and LT networks are managed through the system, and SCADA DMS & OMS are totally integrated at one location.

Prediction of the LT faulty devices without automation of LT network has also started reducing the outage time and increasing the reliability of the system.