Now, underground bins to solve Patiala’s waste menace

Mon, 2017-06-26 11:07 -- SCC India Staff

Underground Bins

In a step towards being smart, the Patiala Municipal Corporation (PMC) will deploy underground solid waste bins in the city to tackle its waste issues, and the corporation has already identified 12 sites for the same.

Under this project, a bin would cover surrounding area of half a kilometre from where the waste would be dumped. The Municipal Corporation will install three bins on a pilot basis at Modi Plaza site. The site was selected as the authorities want to implement the system, where heaps of waste are accumulated on a daily basis.

Most of the sites are being planned to be selected near the parks, where waste gets accumulated in plenty. With 20-ft in length and around 12-ft broad, the bins of 10-ft height will be installed in the city, however only 4 feet will be above the earth surface. The waste will be collected in a systematical manner and would be carried away in trucks to solid waste management plant that is proposed to come up in Dudhar village of Patiala.

This project will be implemented in entire Patiala and probably in almost all the districts of Punjab. The project of bins was earlier launched in Phagwara, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Amritsar districts.

The system to collect the waste underground is said to be unique. The Municipal Corporations are is tying up with other private companies to look if they have a more developed or a modernized technique.