Now ULBs adopt blockchain to issue birth certificates in India

Fri, 2018-09-14 10:11 -- SCC India Staff


In India, getting official documents is definitely not an easy process. Not only it involves a lot of paperwork but one needs to manage to cross the prolonged level of hierarchies that consists of bureaucracy, different identification processes, etc. Well now, there is a sigh of relief for the Indian citizen as the government initiates to introduce quicker and easier solutions like LynkedWorld to overcome these problems.

Solution through Blockchain
Many government bodies in India have embraced LynkedWorld. For instance, Municipal Corporations in West Bengal like Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation have opted for LynkedWorld. This Netherland-based organisation aims at providing blockchain ID verification solution.

Blockchain technology aims to manage governmental works like processing requests and verifying legal identities. A LYNK’s token will provide a platform for the blockchain and only on this token, the blockchain for the birth certificate will work. The peer-to-peer network of this platform would allow its users to personal verification along with educational and professional, digitally. Users can have total privacy on their vital data and information in a planned way. Along with this, users are also allowed to control their data which cannot be shared other than their physical presence at the respective location.

Arun Kumar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LynkedWorld believes that digitally verified identity data is the future of data management as he finds present-day systems too cumbersome. “The only way a government agency can ensure they’re dealing with actual citizens with rights to access services is to have them right in front of them, with ID in hand. Our platform removes this obstacle because it offers many layers of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data and documents. In a population-dense country like India, our system makes processes much simpler and faster for citizens and local governments, which in the end leads to savings on administration and processing fees,” he adds.

The sale of the token will start on November 15, 2018 and end on February 19, 2019. As per the report, 150,000,000 tokens would be available in the beginning and 35 per cent of discount will be provided to the customers who would purchase their tokens before December 7, 2019.