Now travel from Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgad in a ropeway!

Tue, 2019-07-16 10:09 -- SCC India Staff


To make travel easier, a ropeway will be built from Jawali village in Mahabaleshwar Tehsil to Pratapgad. This project has been approved as a mega project under the Tourism Policy of year 2016. Once the project is completed, it will be easier for the tourists to reach Pratapgad fort, as the ropeway will help reduce the time span for climbing.

The 5.6 km long ropeway will commence from Satara’s Jawali village. Maharashtra Government is making extensive efforts to conserve the forts in the State. The number of tourist visiting the fort will increase after completion of the ropeway project.

Pratapgad fort is witness to many significant events in the history of Swarajya. The tourists, having a zeal for historical places, always visit the fort. Since the existing Ghat road is narrow, it results in frequent traffic jam. Various problems also crop up during the rainy season. In this backdrop, it has been decided to install the ropeway.