Now, track school buses with iSafeTrack

Wed, 2017-03-29 10:19 -- SCC India Staff

school bus GPS

School transportation has been a non-organised sector, and despite the fact that it deals with school-going kids, there are only few measures taken by the school authorities and transporters to ensure their safety. In some cases, transport is outsourced by the school to a transport company wherein buses, drivers and attendants are provided by the transporter itself. In some states, the government has mandated installation of GPS devices in the buses but it is only used to get the vehicle passed by the Department of Road Transport.

iSafeTrack is a school transport management system from Safeplanet Innovations that  addresses school transport issues without adding any complexity in the process. The system has been deployed on a cloud platform and accessible as a service to both schools and parents. Mobile interface along with real-time availability of location on map makes it highly convenient to use. It is as easy as using an OLA or Uber and hence has high acceptability. The system has been deployed in schools in the NCR region and is gaining further traction through word-of-mouth. Roll-out of mobile-based transport management system has led to sense of safety and satisfaction among parents using school transport.

The system has helped reduce number of calls to school transport department and has given them a better control in terms of management of routes, students and user information. School transport can easily figure out route violations and monitor speed violations. In case of long halts, school transport can arrange alternate transport and arrange mechanic help to fix the issues if any. Based on the feedback received during parent-teacher meetings, parents are really looking forward to use these kind of services based on geospatial technologies and are expecting many more features to further enhance child’s safety during travel between school and home.

End-to-end services, including device, application and connectivity, means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership for the schools. Access to scalable and future-proof services means you need not invest upfront in IT infrastructure. Quick and seamless deployment helps getting started at the earliest.

App features for parents
a) Pick & drop alerts via SMS: Real-time alerts for arrival and departure of school bus. Prior intimation through SMS/mobile app notification to parents that bus is approaching a pickup point.
b) Live tracking: Live view of bus route on map. Track the school bus real-time on map and expected time of arrival for the pickup/drop point. Parents can plan their time to receive their children on return from school.
c) Long halt/breakdown alert via SMS: Information about long halts and breakdown of bus.
d) Absent notification: Parents can mark the student absent saving wait time for other students.
e) Bus staff information: Driver, attendant and school information.
f) Feedback/complaints: Parents can register complaints/feedback with school using the app.
g) Complete info: Information about the routes, pick up, drop time and facility to update the address information, etc.
h) Secured data: Account is password protected. Only authorised and approved parents/guardians can see student’s details and track information.

App features for school
a) Route management: School transport can manage routes, parents and students pick up/drop information.
b) Live tracking: Live view of all buses on map. School transport personnel can see all the buses in real time on a geospatial dashboard.
c) Historical reports: Transport department can see history of trips done by school buses.
d) Driver analysis: School transport can also see long halt and over speeding incidents of school buses. Total distance and total time travelled.
e) Message broadcast: School transport can send information about transport issues through mass SMS/email system.