Now, track & manage your waste (Coimbatore did it)

Thu, 2016-09-01 11:03 -- SCC India Staff


Coimbatore, which ranks 18th in the list of 73 cities that the Government of India surveyed under the Swachh Bharat initiative in terms of cleanliness, is leaving no stone unturned for its waste management.

In this direction, the Coimbatore municipal corporation has developed a mobile app to keep track of movement of waste and ensure accountability. With this initiative, the corporation will be able to monitor and document the waste collection process at the micro level, which was not the case earlier.

Interestingly, to ensure accountability, the app will be shared with all sanitary inspectors through which they have to enter all the necessary details as far as waste collection is concerned. The data can be monitored by any municipal official from across the country with a user name and password.

Meanwhile, to tackle the waste menace, the corporation has taken additional help from solid waste entrepreneurs. The app will also get shared with these entrepreneurs and the details will be entered of waste collected under heads such as paper, metal, plastic, polythene and other dry waste.

The app will have a dashboard that will generate a graphical representation of the waste collected from all wards on a particular day. It will give details about the amount of waste that reached the dump yard, corporation hubs and community waste from apartments.

Cities with waste tracking
Recently, the municipal corporation of Mohali was in the news, for a good reason. The civic body has come up with the concept of a GIS-based mechanised city cleaning system. The technology tracks cleaning operations for the entire city through GPS and mobile-based apps. The best part of the app is the tracking system of employees and movement of vehicles. The power has been handed over to residents for lodging complaints. The GIS-based Mohali City Sweeping Monitoring System is built on the CRAMAT platform to track attendance, uniforms, proper equipment, safety gear and performance of field personnel of the city.

In addition, Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation has also started tracking waste online. The system is a cloud-based platform which enables tracking of waste collection, segregation and flow of waste from households.

The system provides waste collectors smartphones to garner data on amount and type of garbage generated in each household and how it is processed. A supervisor, who will be in charge of two-three wards under the corporation, will track the activities on an online platform every day. A coordinator will be deployed to integrate the activities.

The technology also enables optimisation of resources through features such as GPS tracking, geo-fencing and waste audit, along with maintenance of user data. The platform has been running successfully in Bengaluru that has helped generate entrepreneurial opportunities for waste pickers in the city.