Now a smart tree in Coimbatore will let you charge mobile and use wi-Fi

Fri, 2018-05-18 13:18 -- SCC India Staff
smart tree
Coimbatore’s smart tree will allow people to sit and rest while providing Wi-Fi and charging facilities. The ‘tree,’ is an ambitious Rs 12 lakh project, and only holds a bare minimum resemblance to natural tree. Its fibre-covered trunk is made of heavy metal, and its leaves are made of zinc and have been painted gold. 
The tree will be built across 600 square feet in Coimbatore and be surrounded by five benches. Around 30 people can sit and use the Wi-Fi, and the area will be well lit to make it aesthetic.
Running on solar power, the Smart Tree in Coimbatore, will be a place to recharge your phone batteries and surf the net! 
A solar panel on the top of the tree will generate power, storing it in a battery. Charging points for phones and laptops will be there, led by the panel which is capable of generating 1,500 watts of power daily.
The first smart tree will see the light of the day next week and depending on its success, another 30 such smart trees will be set up in Coimbatore, in due course of time. The design and space may vary, but the basic concept and idea will remain the same.