Now, sensors to monitor water level in Vadodara’s Vishwamitri River

Fri, 2020-09-11 13:55 -- SCC India Staff

Now, sensors monitor water level

Those residing in low-lying areas of the city or in localities that get flooded by Vishwamitri river monitor its levels anxiously when there is heavy rain or water is released from the Ajwa reservoir.

So far, this level was noted by Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) personnel present at the Kalaghoda bridge or a CCTV camera is focussed on the markings and footage is relayed to the City Command and Control Centre (CCCC).

But this system of monitoring the level in the Vishwamitri river is set to change soon. The civic body has decided to install smart sensors across the course of the river in the city and even the Ajwa reservoir. Real-time data on the water level of the reservoir and the river at various locations will now be available.

VMC’s information technology director and general manager of the Vadodara Smart City Development, Manish Bhatt, said that the sensors are a part of a project under the Smart City to modernise the fire and emergency service department. “One such sensor was tested at the Kala Ghoda bridge on Monday evening,” he said.

The readings from the sensors will be provided to various officials and control rooms of the civic body to ensure that action can be taken in time if the water level rises menacingly. Also, monitoring of water level at different locations within the city will ensure that the danger level at each of these locations is measured and people in the area are aware of it.

The sensors will be installed at Kaladghoda Bridge, Akota Bridge, Asoj Feeder, Mujmahuda Bridge, Narhari Bridge, Pratappura Bridge, Ratri Bazar Bridge, Sama-Harni Bridge and Vadsar Bridge beside Ajwa reservoir.