Now, Raipur gets an intelligent public bicycling system

Mon, 2017-11-06 15:54 -- SCC India Staff

public bicycle sharing raipur

Known for deploying smart solutions like Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), the Raipur Smart City Ltd, a special purpose vehicle for the city, is now deploying a smart public bicycle sharing (PBS) system. The proposed PBS will have 550 around cycles spread over minimum 50 stations across the city.

Meanwhile, for swift post-implementation of PBS, a hybrid system has been proposed where the stations will be manned by attendants and the operations of each station will be communicated to the central control system by the station attendants using card verification devices.

The central control system will collect data from each station for efficient planning and operation. This data will be used to make decisions on redistribution of cycles around stations during the hours of operations. PBS will also be integrated with the fare collection system of the bus rapid transit system (BRTS) through the ITS system to aid the multimodal integration in future.

Meanwhile, PBS will be made available in a closely-spaced network of automated stations. Users can check out cycles at one station and return them to any other station in the network. The bicycle sharing is expected to boost the use of public transport by providing crucial last mile connectivity to the all-area of city, thereby expanding the catchment areas for the region’s transit systems.