Now predict accidents with artificial intelligence

Thu, 2017-11-23 17:55 -- SCC India Staff

Train signals

Now, trains accidents will be thing of the past! To prevent train mishaps due to poor signaling infrastructure the Indian Railways will seek help from artificial intelligence (AI). This would be the first time in the India’s railway history where AI will be considered to predict accidents.

The Signalling system is vital for safe train operations and the railways completely depend on the health of its signalling assets alongwith real time information. Currently, the railways follow a manual maintenance system and adopt find-and-fix methods rather than predict-and-prevent approach.

The Indian Railways will be introducing remote condition monitoring using non-intrusive sensors for continuous online monitoring of signals, track circuits, axle counters and their sub-systems of interlocking, power supply systems including the voltage and current levels, relays, timers. The system entails the collection of inputs on a pre-determined interval and sending this to a central location. As a result, any flaws or problems in the signalling system would be detected on a real time basis and rectified to avoid possible delays and mishaps.

The system envisages data transfer through a wireless medium (3G, 4G and high speed mobile) and data based on these inputs will be utilised, with help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for predictive and prescriptive Big Data analytics. This will enable prediction of signalling asset failures, automated self-correction and informed decisions on intervention strategies. The railways have decided that trial be taken up in two sections of Western Railway and South Western Railway at Ahmedabad-Vadodara and Bengaluru-Mysuru.

-Rahul Kamat