Now, plan a township layout with advanced software (Bengaluru did it!)

green city

The $1.2-billion project initiated by the Bangalore Development Authority required Tandon Urban Solutions Pvt Ltd (TUSPL) to plan and design a sustainable urban layout covering 4,043 acres, encompassing 12 villages as part of their master planning initiatives. To accommodate mass housing, communication and transportation networks, energy and water supply, open areas, and hygienic surroundings, TUSPL needed to improve city services and utilities and optimize use of natural resources and space. To monitor project development and ensure success, TUSPL had to integrate planning and design processes for all elements of the township layout.

TUSPL deployed an innovative technology to meet the complex challenges of planning and designing this eco-friendly Green City. TUSPL relied on comprehensive design and engineering software tools for efficient land development, road and transport planning, analyzing solar and wind energy potential, and designing water, sewage and power supply systems. The flexibility and interoperability of ProjectWise enabled TUSPL to work with compatible, interchangeable data across multiple utilities, and among numerous stakeholders.

TUSPL used advanced solutions to cut the designing and planning time for this sustainable, integrated city development project from a projected 12 to 18 months to just six months, saving $1 million in costs, and reduced manpower by 70 per cent. The compatibility and interoperability of advanced software enabled TUSPL to design complex utilities and services, and plan for efficient use of environmental resources. This translated to a substantial savings in energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

TUSPL used MicroStation and Geo Web Publisher for its surveying and mapping requirements and enhanced transparency among stakeholders. TUSPL relied on PowerCivil to address undulating terrain issues for optimal land development. With MicroStation Geographics, TUSPL designed a polycentric pattern of town development and oriented homes and buildings to leverage solar and wind resources. MXROAD ensured road and bridge designs met travel-time mandates and encouraged non-motorized transport. TUSPL used StormCAD, WaterGEMS, and PondPack to design a fresh and recyclable water supply distribution network, and Bentley Substation was used for the design of the power supply. SewerCAD was used to decentralize the sewerage and sewage treatment.