Now, no more poor quality food on trains! (AI-enabled cameras to keep an eye on kitchens)

Thu, 2018-05-10 16:03 -- SCC India Staff


The quality of food served while traveling in trains for a long distance is a major issue. In some trains, the packed food items are expired and kept in unhygienic conditions and are considered sub-standard. While in some trains, the food has been pre-cooked four to five ago. In fact, the problem is faced all over the nation. This led the Indian Railways (IR) to co-develope a hi-tech system that will help in ensuring that food is cooked hygienically.

Railways will install Artificial Intelligence-enabled high definition CCTV cameras in 16 base kitchens that will monitor proceedings in real-time. The system is configured to detect any action that breaks basic hygiene requirements and if it does detect anything out of the ordinary, it will immediately raise a ‘red flag’. The technology has been developed in association with a New Delhi-based firm called WOBOT.

Eight high definition cameras have been installed in each of these kitchens and the feed will be sent directly to the to a kitchen surveillance control room set up at the IRCTC’s (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation) headquarters in Delhi. The AI-enabled cameras will be able to detect anomalies like the presence of rodents and roaches or even whether the staff are wearing the required uniform. All this information will be relayed to the central control room.

Apart from that, the system will also allow the central control room to make announcements to the base kitchens.