Now link your parking space with mobile-based apps

Thu, 2018-03-29 09:49 -- SCC India Staff
Parking management
India today faces a major challenge in terms of having a macro level planning. The futuristic idea of integrated multi-modal transport cannot be realised unless different departments start coming together. Instead of designing transportation solutions in silos, we should design the mobility as a whole for the city.
Intelligent parking
The intelligent transport system only helps in improvising the existing system. The first step is to decide the right mode of transportation and plan the infrastructure and get all partners on the same page. Technology is something that comes in later. We must also ensure that all the mobility operations happening around the city are using technology. For example, if there are five different bus routes from a particular bus stop, one will get to see the next bus with all the five different routes. This makes it more interesting. Today, one can use information technology to make better planning.
When Get My Parking was established in 2015, Rasik Pansare, Co-Founder and CMO, Get My Parking realised the main problem in the parking industry is that the supply side is completely unorganised and manual. There is complete lack of digital technology. 
To help achieve smart parking, we are focussing on digitising parking operations and ticketing for the supply side. "We have created a solution that can work and operate on each and every parking area, whether it is underground, over-ground, surface, on street, off street, etc.," says  Rasik Pansare. 
The company offers services in Delhi-NCR, where they have started digitising all the parking lots and more than 300 locations there are using our technology. In 2016, Get My Parking offered smart parking technology in Ujjain during the MahaKumbh Mela. "Our technology is modular," says Pansare. He further adds: "We can digitise the parking lot with also just a proper mobile-based app. So, a simple mobile app in parking management system can be deployed at all entry and exit points, which converts into a basic level of smart parking. This is what we carried out in both the cities."