Now, Kolhapur extends door-to-door waste collection in all wards

Thu, 2020-04-30 17:15 -- SCC India Staff

Now, Kolhapur

The door-to-door collection of waste is now being carried out in all the 81 wards of the city with the help of 104 auto-tipper vehicles. Earlier, the door-to-door collection of waste was limited to only 20 wards. However, due to the lockdown and restriction on the movement of people, the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) has extended this service to other wards as well.

The civic body has also placed bins in several wards to refrain people from dumping waste in the open as the number of garbage collection vehicles is proving insufficient. Vijay Patil, in-charge of solid waste management, said, “Since last one week the garbage collection vehicles have been deployed in all parts of the city. Since the number of vehicles are limited we are ensuring the door-to-door collection is done at least once in two days mainly in the suburbs that are located far from the waste processing sites. We are planning to buy around 45 new auto-tippers to ensure all wards in the city are made bin-free and daily collection of waste is made possible.”

Even though the restaurants and road-side eateries have been closed due to the lockdown, the daily collection of waste still stands at 200 ton. The waste is sent to the Kasba Bawda-based waste treatment and Puikhadi’s waste to power plants.

In addition, waste from few wards are being brought to the decentralized processing plant at Sambhajinagar. Prakash Mulik, a resident of Rajopadhye Nagar, said, “Earlier no garbage collection vehicle was deployed in our locality for door-to-door waste collection. Now, the auto-tippers are arriving, but the drivers of these vehicles seem to be in a hurry. We also want the vehicles to come every day and not once in two to three days.”