Now, Kochi Metro gets modern walkways

Thu, 2016-11-24 10:35 -- SCC India Staff

Dalhousie square road

In a strategic move to decongest and allow swift access to the Metro station, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd has invited tenders for construction of modern grade walkways near Hospital Road as part of the Cochin Smart City Mission Walkway Projects. The cost of the project is Rs 3 crore, to be executed in eight months, after the completion of the award process.

As Maharajas College Metro Station is located in the middle of MG Road, the location of the station is suitable for commuters from Park Avenue Road and Chittoor. However, though the future growth in MG Road, particularly around the station, may increase transit ridership, it will also lead to more vehicular traffic in the areas in the vicinity, especially from Park Avenue Road. Hence, improving access to and from the Metro station is critical for meeting ridership goals and serving customer needs.

That said, the goal of improving the access to the station is to attract additional customers by enhancing commuter experience with a safer and more attractive walking environment, while maintaining a good level of service for transit access to the site.

Meanwhile, the modern walkways, which will have a length of around 650 metres, start from Park Avenue Road, connecting MG Road at KPCC junction. In between there are major arterial roads, like TD Road, and PT Usha Road, connecting Hospital Road. As per the concept plan, the modern walkways will have a 3.5-metre wide footpath and planter bed.

Importantly, the walkway will have a drainage system at areas where it’s not available, along with utility ducts. The walkway will also have a provision for location of street poles and pedestrian lights. For safety purposes, the walkway will also have pedestrian crossings.

At present most electric posts are situated in the middle of the proposed walkway. So all the posts will be shifted adjacent to the road, as no space will be available where private property exists. At the end, pedestrian lighting will be installed.

Meanwhile, integration of Ernakulam Boat Jetty has been identified with Maharajas College Metro Station which will integrate the Metro service with water transport. Also in the plan is integration of a KRSTC bus stand that will work as a transit conduit for commuters travelling to Ernakulam south and MG Road from the Paravur side of KSRTC Bus Station. Integrating Park Avenue Road with Metro Station is also a vital part of this plan as government institutions like Cochin Corporation, Maharajas College, District Court, General Hospital, Law College, Priyadarshani Park and Subash Park are in the vicinity.