Now, Kochi to install AI in cameras!

Wed, 2019-07-31 11:19 -- SCC India Staff


From next year, the security system in Kochi will be artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled with over 1,000 cameras controlling the entire traffic and surveillance activities in the city. The Police Control Room is all set to witness modernization, including a new office which will be the command centre for policing activities as apart of Integrated Command, Control and Communication Centre (IC4) mooted by Cochin Smart City Mission.

With the launch of IC4, more than 1,000 cameras will keep surveillance on the city. Traffic in the city will also be controlled with the help of cameras. Any traffic violation, including jumping of signals will be detected and fined on the spot. All these activities will be coordinated by the new police control room planned at North police station.

It will take six months to one year to complete initial stages of the project, including installation of cameras,” said ST Suresh Kumar, Assistant Commissioner, police control room.

As the system is AI-enabled, vehicles booked for traffic offenses cannot escape police net. The system uses advanced technology so that when a vehicle involved in frequent traffic or criminal offence enters city limits, the police control room will be alerted automatically. And the movement of the vehicle will be monitored by cameras and AI technology. Similarly, public will be given timely alerts on traffic diversions. In case of any accident, the police will get immediate alerts. Criminals and habitual offenders will also have a tough time roaming in the city once the system becomes operational.