Now GPS watches to keep a tab on lazy sanitary staff

Fri, 2019-04-05 10:48 -- SCC India Staff


The Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled smart watches introduced by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation to keep track of the workers has caught red-handed 13 sanitary workers who skipped their duty.

Smart watches are being distributed to sanitary workers under the Smart City project. The decision to introduce smart watches was taken following numerous complaints of sanitary workers skipping work. Such a system is being followed in Pune with success, said officers.

Smart watches will be given to all 3,500 sanitary workers in the city within a week. LMC has purchased smart watches worth around Rs 3 crore from Indian Telephone Industries (ITI), a government subsidiary. The watch has a pulse detector and starts working only after it detects the pulse of the person wearing it.

As a part of the pilot project, around 70 sanitary workers were given smart watches, of these, 13 were deployed for cleaning work in Sarojininagar area. However, their watches showed that they were at a place near Unnao during working hours. When LMC officers asked them about the reason, they said that they had gone home after completing their work.

However, spot inspection revealed that the work was not done. Later, LMC issued them a warning and deducted a day’s wage. If caught again, officers said, they would be suspended for a month from duty and sacked if found absent again.