Now, drive paperless in Hyderabad (will other cities replicate the model?)

Thu, 2016-08-25 11:16 -- SCC India Staff

Traffic police

While driving, an interruption by traffic police, asking documents (insurance papers, PUC, license, etc.,) makes the driver impatient. In addition, any missing document will either lead to a penalty or an eruption of an argument with the police personnel. In an effort to provide a hassle-free experience while driving, the transport department of Telangana has started an “RTA M-Wallet App.”

How it will work
The new mobile app helps vehicle users to store their documents relating to vehicles in their mobile phones. The M-wallet application is available on Android and IOS platforms.

The app, which is a first of its kind in India, allows a person to have a one-stop digital shop for all the documents issued by the transport department. Salient features of the app let one auto-fetch documents, share documents, have all the documents on one screen and add multiple vehicles owned by a single person. The documents, once downloaded, will be saved for future use on the application.

This single app helps motorists to avoid physically carrying documents like driving licence, registration certification and other vehicle-related documents. Importantly, these digitally downloaded certificates will be accepted by police and RTA authorities.

Through this app, the user can login from any mobile to access the transport document, with a simple and efficient single screen display for all vehicle-related documents. There are citizen-friendly options to add multiple vehicles owned by same person, and a single download will save the documents permanently, making it handy for future use.

To use the application, motorists need to download it from the Android or iOS platforms. Once a motorist registers with an email address and phone number, all the records in the database corresponding to the registered phone number automatically get fetched into the account and more fields can be added.

The app will put an end to police harassment, since motorists are generally victimised by penalisation or a bribe for failing to carry the documents physically. This new initiative, which is a first of its kind in India, is going to benefit 60 lakh driving licence holders and 80 lakh vehicle owners.

Documents once downloaded will be saved permanently and can also be used when the phone is offline. The RTA M-Wallet app has been downloaded over one lakh times on the Android platform.


  • Motorists can show the M-Wallet app on their smart phone during RTA checking.
  • No need to carry physical documents.
  • Multiple vehicles can be added.
  • License and registration card can be added to the app.
  • Online digital certificate fetching, leading to less chances of fraud.
  • Need Internet only for the first time. No need of Internet once you fetch the Digital Certificate.
  • Auto fetching insurance details of last updated year.