Now, a digital cartographer for citizen-government interface

Thu, 2016-12-15 10:48 -- SCC India Staff
Digital cartography
With the advent of Smart Cities in India, it is now necessary for government authorities across the spectrum to engage in a personalised level while addressing civic or other public issues. Here, MapmyIndia has developed a digital cartographer app that takes care of the citizen-government interface. The company, which has installed India’s first GPS-guided biometric system to help track employees of Ambala Municipal Corporation, is working on mapping civic amenities on its Web portal. 
The portal will monitor minor elements of civic issues like potholes or open manholes where citizens can provide the info directly to the concerned authorities or official or for that matter MLAs by sending the map with exact location through smartphones. Here, citizens, through the MapmyIndia app platform, will directly report on the exact cause of an issue to the concerned authorities. For example, citizens can mark on the map about the exact location of a physical infrastructure problem. Once that is done, the relevant authority would automatically solve the problem, after which it will be indicated if the problem has been solved or not. 
For Ambala Municipal Corporation, this first-of-a-kind biometric system is a great relief. The corporation, which was facing issues over tracking its more than 1,200 field employees, can now tackle this intractable issue. With the deployment of the GPS-based biometric system, the corporation can not only track the attendance of its employees, but can also track their movement on the field. 
This product is a mix of hardware and software comprising handheld GPS-enabled biometric machines, fixed biometric machines, attendance software and MapmyIndia maps. Some of the technologies integrated in the system are fingerprint identification, biometrics, digital mapping and navigation software.
All the information of an employee — his fingerprints, name, contact, department and even the place of work is pre-fed into the system. The employee can then mark the attendance when he reaches the designated area and then swipe his card again at the time of leaving. Every time the attendance is marked, the GPS location from the device is captured and sent to the server. In the back end, this attendance is checked if the right person has marked his attendance from the area allotted to him. If all the details are correct, the attendance is marked as valid. This helps in making the attendance system transparent, and also in calculating the time spend on the job.