Now, Coimbatore to monitor air quality (installs 30 devices)

Mon, 2017-07-17 11:54 -- SCC India Staff
AIR Quality
Joining the league of cities with smart solutions, Coimbatore from now will monitor air quality for its citizens. The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation has installed 30 solar-powered air quality monitoring devices to address city’s air pollution.

These devices will monitor suspended particulate matter, carbon monoxide, humidity, temperature and noise pollution level. It will help city authority in decision making when it comes to managing traffic or any green initiative that will bring pollution level down.

Meanwhile, the solar-powered devices will not just monitor the parameters, but also transmit the same to the Corporation. The Corporation will make the data available online. Importantly, the data generated from this monitoring system will be synced with city command and control centre and will be used in big data driven projects under smart cities initiatives.