Now, cities to be ranked over revival of water bodies

Wed, 2018-10-17 18:10 -- SCC India Staff


For the revival of water bodies, the government will be launching a competition among cities. The winning city will be awarded a higher ranking along with financial assistance, which will indirectly encourage more participation. The Urban Ministry will be drafting guidelines for the competition.

As cities face threats of flooding due to blocked drainage system and dying of natural water bodies where rainwater accumulates, this initiative will drive the cities to be flood resilient.

"Natural terrain of cities used to carry water to natural sponges. But now because of concretisation, the drains that used to carry water to the ponds and lakes have been blocked. Moreover, drains carrying rainwater also get the waste water, which should not enter the water bodies. This is a huge challenge but we need to find a way out," said the government.