Now, Bhopal Traffic Police to use phones to generate e-challan

Fri, 2018-11-23 15:12 -- SCC India Staff


In a quest to make the traffic violators more disciplined, the Bhopal Smart City is expanding its Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS). Earlier, ITMS-based challans or fine receipts were generated through fixed cameras, however, now the government has authorized Traffic Police to use mobile cameras shots to penalize traffic violators.

For instance, if a photo of vehicle in ‘no parking’ zone would be sent to ITMS and a traffic police would generate penalty for traffic violation. Until now, 40,000 challans have been generated through ITMS. Earlier, these challans [for traffic violators] were limited to only 22 intersections, and selected locations. But, with the permission to click pictures from mobile, the city traffic police is now become eye and ears for the city.

ITMS is managed by Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation. The project covers 15 intersections and 12 roads in the State’s capital. Through ITMS, auto-generated notices are served with more than 250 cameras working 24X7.