Now AP gets world’s largest UPS solution

Fri, 2018-09-14 11:44 -- SCC India Staff

andhra pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has deployed world’s largest lithium-ion Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solution. The UPS system was deployed by Consul Neowatt. According to the company, these UPS systems provide a battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops. The Chennai-based supplier was supplying UPS systems with the lithium-ion battery to power the Internet Protocol CCTV cameras which were being installed across the state as a part of the government’s programme to enhance safety.

The company opted for lithium-ion batteries instead of the conventional lead-acid batteries as the life of lithium-ion batteries is long even in high heat conditions. Besides, these batteries have a lower weight and smaller footprint.

“The in-house R&D team at Consul Neowatt evaluated and selected a lithium-ion battery technology, which can withstand higher ambient temperatures and has five times more cyclic life than valve-regulated lead-acid batteries,” added Sriram Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Consul Neowatt.

Consul Neowatt was also supplying high power three-phase UPS for Command Control Centres (CCC) in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh for this project as the project requires a 24 hours operation of the cameras installed on poles in key areas across the state that needs an assured power supply. The UPS supplied for this project are not only Internet of Things-ready but are also monitored at the district CCC along with the video feed from the IP CCTV cameras to ensure uninterrupted operations of the cloud-based surveillance system.