No more stinky toilets! (aircraft-type bio-vacuum toilets on Railways)

Thu, 2017-12-14 10:47 -- SCC India Staff

Clean indian railways

Stinking and non-functioning toilets on Indian Railways (IR) may soon become a thing of the past. IR will be upgrading its bio-toilets to imported bio-vacuum toilets, a kind that is found in aircraft. The first 100 coaches with the new toilets will be attached to important trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi and would be rolled out from January 2018.

“These bio-vacuum toilets will be odour-free and cut down water usage by over 1-20th,” the official said. The Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF) will roll out the first 100 coaches fitted with bio-vacuum toilets. He also said there would be lesser chances of such toilets getting blocked.

Explaining the need of shifting to bio-vacuum toilets, the official said: “Saving water is a priority for the railways.” In bio-toilets, the water requirement per flushing is up to 15 litres. And the water doesn't generate enough pressure to discharge the waste from the pots, resulting in a foul smell and blockage of the pot.

The bio-vacuum toilet only requires about half a litre of water and all the waste is cleared through suction. The official said that the manufacturers of the bio-vacuum toilets have assured railways that the fabrication units would be set up in India.