No more illegal immigrants! (India-Bangladesh border in Assam gets a smart fence)

Fri, 2018-04-13 10:04 -- SCC India Staff

Smart fence

Illegal immigration from Bangladesh has always been a major issue for India. As per the reports, more than 20 million illegal immigrants from Bangladesh live in India. After so many years, India may have finally found a solution to this growing problem. Taking the first but crucial step towards ensuring zero-transgression borders with Bangladesh, the Border Security Force (BSF) operationalized the first smart fence on a riverine stretch with Bangladesh in Assam.

The smart fence reportedly comprises of automated surveillance technology and alarm detection systems. Other details are not divulged citing security reasons.

Smart fence will however expected to be a massive boon for monitoring situations in border areas. The riverine stretch where the first fence has been put up, for example, was previously patrolled by BSF speedboats. Due to its geographical features, no outpost could be erected here which often led to incidents like illegal migrations going unchecked. The introduction of the fence though will bring down such instances. Similar projects are also likely to be introduced in other border areas with Bangladesh.