This new rainwater harvesting method could help save water for Chennai

Thu, 2020-01-02 12:13 -- SCC India Staff

This new rainwater

The Greater Chennai Corporation has asked its contractors across the city to employ a new technology to harvest rainwater, where water goes through a filtration process. It has been implemented in some parks. Known as ‘ecobloc’ infiltration wells, the structure can be installed at various locations, sizes, shapes and depths to meet specific project requirements. Stormwater drains, landscape and roofs can be used as catchment areas to meet specific requirements.

These structures are being funded by German agency KfW and are likely to be installed in the Kovalam river basin. In this method, four layers of filtration are provided before the water enters the soil. The layers can be cleaned by pressure wash or removal of the filter layer. The structure is modular and can be stacked one above the other. It does not need any steel or cement reinforcement like the existing ones. The new structure has a volume of 2,500 litres which is 500 litres more than the cement ring wells that the corporation now uses